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Paint Booth Intake Filters

Paint booth air intake filters are specialized filters used in spray paint booths to improve the quality of the air entering the painting area.

These filters are engineered to capture dust, dirt, airborne contaminants, and unwanted particles, ensuring that the air inside the paint booth is clean and free from particles that could affect the quality of the paint finish.
They play a crucial role in maintaining a controlled environment for high-quality paint jobs in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.

CleanLink's paint booth intake filters and media rolls feature a multi-layer structure with a graduated densified design, providing exceptional performance in trapping airborne particles and minimizing the risk of defective paint finishing. This filter media is customizable and ideal for paint booth intake blanket system filters.

Features of Intake Filters for Paint Booths:

· Made of high-efficiency synthetic fibers
· Captures fine dust, dirt, airborne pollutants, and other harmful particles
· Allows uniform air distribution across the paint booth
· A tacky coating design that enhances filter's ability to trap finer particles
· Maintains a low pressure drop
· Paint booth intake filter media roll can be cut to a size of 20 x 20 or any desired sizes.

Paint Booth Air Intake Filters Applications:

· Automotive industry paint booths
· Furniture spray rooms
· Great for paint booth intake blanket system filters
· Other industries requiring spray painting, including aerospace, marine, machinery and more

Paint Booth Intake Filters & Media Rolls

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Paint Booth Intake Filters FAQ

1. Why buy paint booth intake filter media in rolls?

Using a paint booth intake filter media rolls is cost-effective and efficient. These rolls can be cut to size, ensuring that you always have the right fit for your booth, reducing waste, and saving costs over time.


2. What are the advantages of using paint booth tacky intake filters?

Paint booth tacky intake filters have a sticky coating on the surface layer that captures and traps more particles than standard filters.
This feature makes them highly effective in environments where superior air purity is crucial for high-quality paint finishes.


3. How do paint booth air intake filters differ from exhaust filters?

Paint booth air intake filters are designed to block dust and other particles from the air before entering the booth. In contrast, exhaust filters are used to capture overspray and contaminants before the air is expelled from the booth.


4. What are paint booth intake blanket system filters and how they are used?

Paint booth intake blanket system filters are specialized, multi-layered filters designed for high-efficiency filtration. They are typically used in advanced paint booths where extremely high air purity is required, such as in the automotive and aerospace industries.


5. Do you supply paint booth intake filters with size 20 x 20?

CleanLink offers paint booth intake filter media in a wide range of sizes and more importantly, you can cut the media into any desired sizes. Please consult our expert team for a custom solution.

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