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V-Bank Filters

V-bank air filters, also known as V-cell or mini-pleat filters, are a type of air filtration device characterized by their unique V-shaped design. This design increases the filter's surface area, allowing for greater efficiency and airflow capacity.

Thanks to its ABS plastic frame, the V-bank filter's construction is robust, ensuring long-lasting durability. CleanLink uses more glue than its competitors to ensure a reliable internal seal within the filter, effectively preventing any bypass airflow.

The V-bank air filter can be made of pleated glassfiber media, charcoal media, or other filter materials.

Features of V-Bank Air Filters:

· High Surface Area: the V-shaped design maximizes the filter media's surface area within a compact frame
· High Efficiency: available in higher MERV ratings (MERV 13-16), making them highly efficient at capturing small particles
· Low Airflow Resistance: the design of V-bank filters allows for lower airflow resistance, reducing energy costs in HVAC systems
· Particle Retention: effective at trapping pollutants such as dust, pollen, mold spores, and certain types of smoke particles
· Durability: They are typically constructed with sturdy frames and robust media, making them resistant to damage during installation and operation
· Large Dust Holding Capacity: The extended surface area allows for a larger volume of dust to be captured

Applications of V-Bank Air Filters

· Commercial HVAC Systems: commercial buildings, offices, and hospitals where high air quality is essential
· Industrial Applications: Suitable for use in manufacturing and industrial facilities
· Cleanrooms and Laboratories: ideal for environments like cleanrooms and labs that require very clean air
· Healthcare Facilities: hospitals and healthcare settings to ensure high indoor air quality, crucial for patient care and infection control
· Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: maintaining air purity is critical to product quality and safety
· Data Centers: protecting sensitive electronic equipment from particulate contamination

V-Bank Air Filters

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