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HEPA Fan Filter Unit

A Filter Fan Unit (FFU) is a type of air handling unit that contains a fan and a filter, typically HEPA or ULPA filters, used to provide localized clean air filtration.

The FFU creates a laminar airflow by drawing air through the filter and delivering it evenly across the cleanroom space. It helps to remove airborne contaminants and maintain a clean and controlled environment. FFUs are versatile and can be easily integrated into existing or new ventilation systems.

Features of HEPA Fan Filter Unit:

· Equipped with high-performance fan and motor
· HEPA or ULPA Filters
· Sturdy and durable filter housing that ensures proper sealing and prevents air leakage
· Precise control of air velocity and distribution within the controlled environment.
· Easy Installation
· Customizable filter sizes and specifications for special needs

HEPA Fan Filter Unit Applications:

· FFU (Fan Filter Unit) is commonly used in various industries and applications that require clean and controlled environments.
· Pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, biotechnology, and semiconductor fabrication
· Research laboratories and testing facilities
· Food processing facilities and sterile packaging areas
· Aerospace and Automotive Industry


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