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Fiberglass Air Filter Media

Fiberglass air filter media is mostly used for air filtration applications in commercial and industrial settings such as HVAC systems, spray booths, gas turbines, and power generation. Having a great ability to collect overspray generated by the painting process and trap adhesive dust, these fiberglass air filter media have a fluffy and bouncy structure that keeps its shape even under certain pressure. This media consists of highly intensified fiberglass layers that gradually densify following airflow direction. 

The green-colored side is where the air comes in and the space between filament fiberglass and layers helps to trap harmful substances and contain paint mist in the spray booths/rooms. Its loose structure prevents the inlet surface from clogging, allowing better filtration performance. The clean air side is colored white. It has the highest compactness layer while maintaining a high airflow rate.

Apart from that, Clean-Lnik's fiberglass air filter media are greatly corrosion-resistant. It is well-suitable for solvent, acid-base, and high-temperature environments. 

Fiberglass Air Filter Media Features:

· Fluffy structure enhances substance trapping ability
· Excellent dust-holding property and low-pressure drop for energy saving
· Great for solvent, acid-base, and high-temperature environments
· Holding frame options: paper, galvanized/stainless steel, or aluminum alloy frame
· Customizable filter sizes and specifications for special needs

Fiberglass Air Filter Media Applications:

· HVAC systems
· Automotive spray paint booths/rooms
· Paint arrestor applications
· Other air filtration units


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