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HVAC Pre-Filter Media Rolls

HVAC pre-filter media is a type of air filter media designed to capture larger airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, and lint, before they can reach the main HVAC filter, prolonging its lifespan and improving indoor air quality. It is typically made of synthetic fibers, such as polyester or polypropylene, and comes in various thicknesses and densities to suit different filtration needs.
Clean-Lnik has full capacity in manufacturing synthetic and fiberglass air filter media rolls with standard and special size widths. Complying with ISO and SGS standards, our pre-filter media is a cost-effective, high-quality choice for your air filtration system in all kinds of applications.

HVAC Pre-filter Media Features:

· High dust holding capacity
· Low initial resistance
· High efficiency in capturing large particles
· Good durability and resistance to damage
· Easy to install and replace
· Customizable filter sizes and specifications for special needs

HVAC Pre-filter Media Applications:

· Industrial and commercial HVAC systems
· Data centers and server rooms
· Hospitals and healthcare facilities
· Laboratories and clean rooms
· Food processing and manufacturing plants
· Educational institutions
· Automotive industry
· Petrochemical industry


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