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Air Filtration System Manufacturer

Air Filtration System Manufacturer

Air Filtration System Manufacturer

What Is An Air Filtration System?

An air filtration system removes particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, smoke, and other debris from the air. Air filtration is crucial for enhancing indoor air quality.


Air filtration systems can be found in various applications across different industries where specific indoor air quality requirements must be met.


How Does an air filtration system work?

The process of air filtration can be divided into 3 phases:



Interception takes place when airborne particles make contact with the filter fibers as they traverse through the filter. Subsequently, these particles are effectively captured by the filter fibers.


As air travels through the filter, airborne particles remain in a continuous state of motion. As these particles approach the filter fibers closely, they adhere to the fibers, ultimately being efficiently extracted from the airstream.



Larger particles in the airstream fail to follow the contour of the airflow and then collide with the filter fibers directly. At this stage, impaction happens.


As air velocity increases, the rate of impaction also rises. With denser filter media, the probability of impaction also increases.



In air filtration, diffusion is a mechanism that captures ultrafine particles, often those with a diameter of less than 0.1 micrometers. These minuscule particles don’t typically travel linearly; they exhibit a random, zigzag trajectory influenced by Brownian motion.


Brownian motion refers to the unpredictable movement of tiny particles as they float within an airstream. This movement makes it more likely for the particles to touch and stick to filter fibers, removing them from the air.

Air Filtration for Every Industry

As an air filtration solution provider, CleanLink tackles distinctive air filtration challenges across diverse industries, ensuring enhanced air quality for both living and working environments.


Catering to sectors from healthcare to automotive, we offer our customers tailored air filtration solutions to meet their unique requirements.

Air filtration in hospitals and other healthcare facilities

Food Processing

air fitration in public transportation


CleanLink’s Expertise in Air Filtration

With two manufacturing sites, CleanLink has been a leading company in air filter manufacturing.


From standard air filters to custom filters and specialized filtration solutions, we have a dedicated engineering team for design, manufacturing, and quality control.

Air Filter Manufacturing

For over 16 years, CleanLink has been dedicated to creating highly efficient air filters for filtration systems, ensuring reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs.


We provide a wide range of air filters tailored to your system’s needs:

Advantages of CleanLink Filtration Solution

Based on years of experience in the air filtration field, we offer different types of air filter products and solutions. Providing the filter features:


· Custom sizes, thicknesses, and materials

· Superior filter service life

· Outstanding filtration performance

· Low pressure-drop

· High filter efficiency

· Easy to install and low maintenance costs

Contact CleanLink for Optimal Filtration Solutions

CleanLink provides standard filters for a wide array of applications, including commercial, industrial, residential, pharmaceutical, electronics, and machinery sectors, among others.


Our dedicated team of experts excels in research and development, manufacturing, and sales services, ensuring that your unique custom air filter needs are met with excellence.


Talk to our team for more information.


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