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Other Filters

Besides Air Filter Media, HVAC Air Filters, Chemical Filters, Clean-Link has a wide range of production lines for other types of filtration units.

HEPA Supply Units

HEPA supply units are essential for maintaining clean and healthy air in environments like cleanrooms and hospitals. With high-efficiency filtration, adjustable airflow control, and easy maintenance, these units ensure a continuous supply of particle-free air for optimal air quality. Visit our website to explore the benefits of HEPA supply units.

FFU Fan Filter Units

FFU (Fan Filter Units) are widely used to provide clean and controlled air in critical environments such as cleanrooms and laboratories. These units combine a fan and a filter into a single compact device, ensuring a constant flow of filtered air. Features of FFU include high-efficiency filtration, low noise operation, adjustable airflow, and easy installation and maintenance. Discover the benefits of FFU fan filter units for your clean air needs at our website.

Purifier HEPA Filters

Purifier HEPA filters are designed to provide clean and purified air by removing microscopic particles, allergens, and pollutants. These filters are commonly used in air purifiers and HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality. The features of Purifier HEPA filters include high-efficiency filtration, capturing particles as small as 0.3 micrometers, odor and VOC reduction capabilities, and long filter life. Experience fresh and clean air with our Purifier HEPA filters, available on our website.

Filter Plates

Filter plates are used in filtration systems to separate solids from liquids. They are designed with various pore sizes and configurations to suit different applications. Features include high-quality materials, corrosion resistance, and easy maintenance.

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Cartridges

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Cartridges are used to remove contaminants from the air that enters the gas turbine engine. The cartridges feature high filtration efficiency, low pressure drop, and a long service life, ensuring reliable performance and protection of the gas turbine equipment.

Other Filters

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