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Panel and Pleated Air Filters

Pleated or flat panel filters are commonly used in HVAC systems to capture and remove airborne particles. They are made from various materials, including fiberglass, synthetic fibers, polyester, and metal to meet specific needs in different industries. They come in various sizes to fit different HVAC systems.

Flat Panel Air Filter Features:

· Grade: G3, G4, M5
· Frame material: Paper/cardboard, stainless/galvanized steel, or aluminum alloy
· Pleated design allows for increased surface area and particle capture compared to standard panel filters
· Usually used as prefilters, capturing and removing airborne particles from the air that circulates through the HVAC system
· Further extend the service life of the secondary or main filters that are more expensive. As air passes through the filter, particles are trapped in the filter's fibers, preventing them from circulating in the indoor environment

Pleated Panel Air Filter Applications:

· Engineered for air conditioning filtration systems
· Industrial & Commercial ventilation ystems
· Large air compressor pre-filtration
· Used in return filtration or pre-filtration or secondary filtration for air conditioning ventilation system in clean rooms

At Clean-Link, our panel filters are available in a wide range of sizes and we also provide customizable panel filter sizes and thicknesses.
Paper, galvanized iron, or aluminum alloy frames are available.

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