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Pocket Air Filters

Pocket filters, also known as bag filters, are air filters commonly used in HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality. They are made up of synthetic fiber media that is pleated and enclosed in a metal or plastic frame. The filter media is folded back and forth to create pockets.

These filters are designed to capture and remove airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, mold, and other particles that can cause health problems. They are available in a variety of MERV ratings, which measure the filter's efficiency at capturing particles of different sizes. Pocket filters are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings where air quality is critical, such as hospitals, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities.

Pocket Air Filter Features:

· Rating: G4, F7, F8, F9
· Constructed with glass fibers or synthetic fibers
· Durable Stainless/galvanized steel, or aluminum alloy frame that ensures the filter maintains its shape
· High dust holding capacity which means it captures more particles before needing replacement
· Low resistance to airflow which reduces energy consumption and operating costs
· Customizable filter sizes and specifications for special requirements

Pocket Air Filter Applications:

· Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and laboratories
· Commercial and residential buildings
· Industrial facilities, including manufacturing and processing plants
· Data centers, where clean air is critical to prevent damage to sensitive equipment

Pocket Filters For Air Filtration

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