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Bag Filters

Bag filters, or pocket filters, are a specialized type of air filtration system used widely in various industrial, commercial, and residential HVAC systems.

Their unique design consists of a series of bag-like pockets made from fabric or synthetic filter material, attached to a rigid frame. These pockets are generally arranged in a V-shape configuration to maximize surface area.

The bags or pockets are made from various materials like polypropylene, polyester, fiberglass, or other synthetic media. The choice of material depends on the required filtration level and the nature of the particulates to be captured.

The top of the filter, where the bags attach, is designed to create a tight seal within the air handling unit. The frame is typically made from metal or rigid plastic, giving the filter structural integrity.

Features of Bag Air Filters:

· Made of fiberglass/high-efficiency synthetic fibers
· Multi-pocket design capturing a high percentage of airborne particles with large surface area
· Bag filters can withstand significant amounts of dust loading without losing efficiency · Come in various efficiency ratings, allowing them to capture particles of different sizes.
· Can be manufactured in different sizes and pocket numbers to fit various HVAC systems and industrial applications

Applications of Bag Air Filters:

· HVAC Systems: Widely used in commercial and industrial HVAC systems for air purification and to protect equipment from dust buildup
· Industrial Air Filtration: Employed in manufacturing plants and industrial settings for capturing dust, fumes, and other particulates
· Commercial Buildings: Ideal for use in office buildings, schools, and shopping centers where improved indoor air quality is essential
· Food and Beverage Industry: Applied in food processing areas to ensure clean air and maintain hygiene standards

Bag Filters

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