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Paint Booth Ceiling Filter Media

Paint booth ceiling filter media is designed to be installed in the ceiling of a paint spray booth/room, cleanroom, or other controlled environments to remove contaminants from the air, such as dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. This type of ceiling filter media comes in rolls that can be cut to bespoke sizes that you could need.

With our cutting-edge technology, multiple layers are made on top of one another to create a better filtration media property. Layers gradually densify following the direction of the airflow, which defines gradually increasing filtration capabilities.

This structure has higher performance on blocking particles after going through a viscous treatment where the filter fibers on each layer are impregnated with a viscous treatment substance(or adhesive tackifier). The thermally-bonded structure maximizes the ability to capture particles and the air will be directed evenly through the layers, acquiring excellent filtration properties.

The paint booth ceiling filter media is commonly used in spray booths, painting rooms, venting systems, and HVAC systems for electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining, smelt industry, and applications where maintaining a clean and controlled environment is critical to product quality and safety.

Paint Booth Ceiling Filter Media Features:

· 100% fine Polyester fibers media for M5 air filters
· High filtration efficiency thanks to overall viscous treatment
· Materials formed on outlet surface: Fiberglass or flame-resistant mesh
· Standards: Flame retardancy requirements UL900- CLASS 2 and DIN 53438-F1
· Customizable media sizes and thicknesses for different dust-loading applications

Paint Booth Ceiling Filter Media Applications:

· Painting workshops
· Spray rooms/booths
· HVAC systems for chemical, mining, and smelting industries
· Electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and other clean process applications

Paint Booth Ceiling Filter Media Rolls

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