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Air Filter Media Rolls

This air filter media is a type of non-pleated filter media, which usually comes with a long length. It captures dust, dirt, pollen, fibers, or other relatively larger particles. They are commonly used as pre-filters to be the first stage of filtering in HVAC systems.
Thanks to these air pre-filters, large particulates are removed before they go downstream so that the main filters that are more expensive will have a better filtering performance and longer service life.

Floor Air Filter Media for Paint Booth

A specialized filtration material designed to capture and retain overspray, paint particles and contaminants that settle on the floor during painting operations.
This quality media offers excellent filtration efficiency, effectively preventing particles from becoming airborne and re-entering the painting process. With its durable construction and low airflow resistance, floor air filter media is specifically engineered to meet the unique requirements of paint booth applications, ensuring optimal filtration performance and superior paint finish.

Ceiling Air Filter Media for Panit Booth

Differ from floor filter media, air filter media used on the ceiling of a paint booth serves to capture and filter airborne contaminants, such as dust, dirt, and smaller paint particles, that are suspended in the air.
Ceiling filter media is usually a combination of a pre-filter layer and serves as a final filter layer to achieve efficient filtration. It is designed to have a higher filtration efficiency to ensure that the air circulated within the paint booth is clean and free from contaminants.

Paint Stop Filter Media In Rolls

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