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Paint Booth Exhaust Filters

Paint booth exhaust filters are designed to capture and remove paint overspray and excessive paint particles during the spray painting process. This type of filter is a critical component in maintaining good air quality in a spray paint booth.

By efficiently filtering out excess paint particles, exhaust filters prevent them from settling back onto the painted surface, which can lead to defects in the finish, including bumps, an uneven surface, or dust particles embedded in the paint.

A well-functioning exhaust filter helps maintain consistent and balanced airflow within the booth. This consistent airflow is crucial for allowing the spray paint to settle uniformly on the surface of the object being painted. Uneven airflow can cause issues like orange peel, runs, or sags in the paint finish.

CleanLink provides a quality paint arrestor with a high dust-holding rate, efficiently removing overspray from the paint booth environment. Featuring a multi-layered structure with a progressive density design, this fiberglass paint stop filter media is the best material for paint booth exhaust filters.

As air moves through the filter, it encounters increasingly compact layers. These denser layers are finely structured to trap smaller and finer paint particles, effectively refining the filtration process towards the clean air side.

Paint Booth Exhaust Filters Features:

· Made of fiberglass
· Excellent paint arrestor
· Captures and removing overspray
· Allows uniform air distribution across the paint booth
· Maintains a low pressure drop
· Customizable Sizes(Media roll can be cut to a size of 20 x 20 or any desired sizes)

Paint Booth Exhaust Filters Applications:

· Automotive paint booths
· Manufacturing spray rooms
· Other industries requiring spray painting, including aerospace, marine, machinery and more

Paint Booth Exhaust Filters & Media Rolls

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Paint Booth Exhaust Filters FAQ

1. Can paint booth exhaust filters be reused or cleaned?

Generally, paint booth exhaust filters are designed to be disposable and should be replaced regularly to maintain the well-functioning of the system. Some high-end models may be cleanable, however, you might need professional tools and follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure the integrity of the filter.


2. How often should I replace my paint booth exhaust filters?

The frequency of replacement depends on usage and the type of paint being sprayed. Regular inspection for signs of clogging or saturation is recommended. Here is an in-depth guide on paint booth exhaust filter replacement.


3. How do paint booth exhaust filters 20×20 fit into different paint booth setups?

Paint booth exhaust filters measuring 20×20 are designed to be compatible with many paint booth models. Their dimensions make them versatile for both small and large-scale operations, ensuring effective filtration across a range of booth sizes.


4. Can the quality of paint booth exhaust filters affect energy consumption?

Absolutely. Efficient filters that maintain proper airflow can reduce the load on the paint booth’s ventilation system, leading to lower energy consumption. Conversely, clogged or low-quality filters can increase energy use due to the additional strain on the system.


5. Are there different types of paint booth exhaust filters for various applications?

Yes, there are different types of paint booth exhaust filters designed for specific applications. Fiberglass filter media rolls are recommended as they can be easily cut into desired sizes, making them adaptable to various paint booth models and sizes.

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