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Paint Booth Filters

Proper air filtration and ventilation in a paint booth or spray paint room significantly reduce the risk of exposure to overspray, ensuring a conducive environment for high-quality paint finishes and the well-being of staff.

CleanLink's paint booth filters feature a graduated densified structure with multi-layers of fiberglass fiber or synthetic fiber, providing exceptional filtration performance. This ensures high-efficiency filtration while minimizing the risk of re-entrainment of captured particles.

Thanks to its high efficiency in capturing airborne particulates, fiberglass filter media serves as an excellent paint overspray arrestor for a wide range of applications. Maintaining an adequate airflow and exhaust rate makes this paint booth filter media an excellent choice for exhaust filters, striking a balance between filtration efficiency and airflow to prevent pressure drops that can reduce filtration system efficiency.

Paint Booth Filters Features:

· Intake filter: paint booth ceiling filter media (made of high-efficiency synthetic fiber)
· Exhaust filter: paint stop filter media (made of fiberglass)
· Captures paint overspray and paint mist generated during the painting process
· Exceptional paint arrestor
· Maintains adequate airflow with low pressure drop
· High dust-holding capacity and efficiency

Paint Booth Filters Applications:

· Automotive industry paint booths
· Other industries requiring spray painting, including furniture manufacturing, aerospace, marine, and more

Paint Booth Filters

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Frequently Asked Air Filter Questions

CleanLink offers intake and exhaust filters and filter media (fiberglass filter media in rolls, synthetic fiber filter media in rolls) for paint booth air filtration systems.


1. What are paint booth intake filters?

Paint booth intake filters, also called air make-up filters, are designed to maintain a contaminant-free paint environment in a paint booth, ensuring high-quality paint jobs.


2. What are the key requirements for paint booth intake filters?

a. High Filtration Efficiency: Capturing a substantial portion of incoming dust and particulate matter to prevent defects in the paint finish.

b. Proper Filtration Rating: Choose the right filtration grade for your paint booth intake filters. Too high or too low of the filter rating can result in poor filtration performance.

c. Low Airflow Resistance: Intake filters should maintain a smooth airflow without creating significant resistance, which could strain the paint booth’s ventilation system.

d. Dust Holding Capacity: This metric determines how fast the intake filter reaches the end of service life. DHC is especially important in air filtration systems where extended filter life and minimal maintenance are critical.


3. What are paint booth exhaust filters?

Paint booth exhaust filters capture overspray and solvents from paint booths, cleaning the air before it’s released into the environment. They ensure a quality paint finish, comply with environmental standards, and protect worker health.


4. What are the key requirements for paint booth exhaust filters?

a. High Capture Efficiency: Capable of effectively capturing overspray particles in the paint booth, to create a pollutant-free environment for paint finish.

b. Compliance with Regulations: Exhaust filters should meet environmental regulations such as those enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to control emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

c. High Dust Holding Capacity: A high capacity for holding paint overspray is important to extend the life of the filter and reduce the frequency of change-outs and maintenance costs.

d. Low Airflow Resistance: While capturing overspray effectively, the filters should not significantly impede airflow, which could affect the performance of the paint booth and the quality of the finish.


5. Do you offer custom paint booth filters?

Definitely yes, we recognize that each paint booth has specific air filtration needs to achieve the optimal paint finish. Please contact our expert service team for more support.


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