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Filter Bag Media Rolls for Pocket Filters

Filter bag media rolls for pocket air filters are specialized materials used in the construction of pocket filters, which are integral components of HVAC systems for air purification. These media rolls are designed to trap and hold particulates from the air, effectively preventing them from circulating within an indoor environment.

This filter bag media is a semi-finished product for pocket filter assembly. It can be easily cut into the length needed to create a pocket filter with multiple bags.


  • Grade: G4,M5,M6; MERV7-MERV12
  • Synthetic fibers: polyester or polypropylene
  • Offering a balance between efficiency and durability
  • Engineered to maximize dust retention, extending the service life of the filter
  • Multiple color options
  • Semi-finished filter bags for pocket filter assembly

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Pocket Filter Bag Media Applications

This filter bag media is ideal for manufacturing pocket filters, offering excellent filtration performance and a long-lasting service life. Perfect for a wide range of applications in commercial, industrial, and residential settings, it ensures superior air quality across various environments.

· Commercial HVAC Systems:

In office buildings, schools, and retail spaces, where maintaining indoor air quality is essential for occupant health and comfort.

· Industrial Settings:

Used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other industrial environments to protect equipment from dust and particulate buildup and to ensure a safe working environment.

· Healthcare Facilities:

In hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, where high-efficiency filtration is critical to prevent the spread of airborne contaminants and to protect vulnerable populations.

· Residential Systems:

For high-end residential HVAC systems where improved indoor air quality is a priority, especially in homes with allergy sufferers or in areas with high outdoor pollution levels.


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