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Honeycomb Grease Filter (TFC)
Honeycomb Grease Filter (TFC)

Range Hood Grease Filter (TFC)

A range hood grease filter, also known as a grease trap or grease baffle filter, is an essential component of a range hood or kitchen exhaust system. It is specifically designed to capture and filter out grease particles, smoke, and airborne contaminants generated during cooking on a stovetop or cooktop.

These filters are positioned within the range hood's airflow path to trap grease and prevent it from entering the exhaust system or being released back into the kitchen environment.

Grease filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly to ensure their effectiveness.


  • Media: aluminum alloy
  • Robust aluminium extruded frame
  • Steel-plated retractable handles
  • Aluminum honeycomb structure
  • Support bars in between to reinforce the filter
  • Rectangle or round shapes

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Range Hood Grease Filter Applications:

1. Residential and commercial kitchens: Prevent grease and cooking byproducts from accumulating on kitchen surfaces, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and enhancing the overall cooking experience.

2. Food Processing Plants: perfect for industrial-scale food processing and manufacturing facilities.


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