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CleanLink's pleated panel filter
Details view of CleanLink's pleated panel filter
CleanLink's pleated panel filter
Details view of CleanLink's pleated panel filter

Pleated Panel Filter

The pleated panel filter is produced with 100% polyester fibers, engineered by Clean-Link for HVAC systems.

Featuring high dust-holding capacity and low air pressure drop, this pleated filter has more surface areas for trapping airborne contaminants than other types of filters. They are commonly installed in HVAC systems as prefilters or secondary filters in hospitality, education, food, industrial or commercial facilities with medium filter efficiency. They can also be used at the inlet or return air vent of HVAC for cleanrooms.

These filters withstand temperatures up to 80°C and are highly waterproof. With metal frames, they are easy to change or dispose of.


  • Grade: G3, G4; MERV5, MERV6, MERV7, MERV8
  • Material: polyester fibers
  • High dust holding capacity and low air pressure drop, maintaining sufficient airflow velocity
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel frame options
  • Standard sizes W x H x D(mm): 595 x 595 x 20, 595 x 595 x 46, 595 x 595 x 96
  • Customizable pleated panel sizes and specifications for special needs

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· Used for prefilter or secondary filter in general HVAC

· Air inlet filter or return air venting filter for cleanrooms


Filtration Grade Dimensions (mm) W*H* D Initial Resistance (Pa) Final Resistance (Pa) Rated Air Flow (m³/h)
G3 595*595*20 30 200 3000
G3 595*595*46 30 200 3400
G3 595*595*96 35 200 3400
G4 595*595*20 38 250 2800
G4 595*595*46 38 250 3400
G4 595*595*96 40 250 3400


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Filter Customization

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