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Fiberglass Filter Media Rolls

CleanLink is a fiberglass filter media manufacturer, providing air filtration solutions for paint booths in various industries. The fiberglass filter media made in China all use fine glass fiber to maintain a fluffy and progressive density of layers for better overspray filtration.

CleanLink's fiberglass filter media is constructed with a multi-layered fiberglass structure, ideal for progressive filtration. Thanks to its increasingly compact layers, particles in the air are filtered by each layer, ensuring that clean air is released. The fiberglass filter media is available in rolls and easy to cut into any size that fits your paint booths.

Fiberglass Paint Booth Filters Media Features:

· Made of fine glass fibers
· High filtration efficiency
· Capturing and removing overspray particles
· Distribute air evenly across the space
· Lower pressure drop
· Customizable Sizes(Media roll can be cut into fiberglass media pads)

Fiberglass Paint Booth Filters Media Applications:

· Paint booths in automotive industry
· Spray paint rooms for furniture manufacturing
· Aerospace, marine, machinery and industrial processes that need surface painting


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