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Paint Booth Filter Rolls

Whether you're managing a small paint booth or a large-scale painting station for buses, having the right size filter media is essential for all your filters.

CleanLink's paint booth filter rolls are expertly crafted to efficiently capture and eliminate dust, dirt, paint overspray, and other harmful particles. This high-level filtration is key to keeping the air clean, achieving perfect paint finishes, and meeting environmental standards.

Every paint booth has unique needs regarding the size of its intake and exhaust filters. Our versatile paint booth filter rolls can be customized to any size, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific paint booth.

Paint Booth Air Intake Filters:

Clean air environment is vital to paint job quality and the health of workers. Paint booth intake filters are used in paint booths to clean incoming air before it enters the painting area. CleanLink's Paint booth ceiling filter media is ideal for intake filters, efficiently removing dust, dirt, pollen, hair, fine particles, and airborne contaminants.

Intake filter roll features:

· Made from high-efficiency synthetic fibers
· Captures dust, dirt, airborne contaminants, and other fine particles
· Maintains stable airflow and balanced air distribution across the paint booth
· Sticky coating design enhances the ability to trap finer particles
· Complies with flame retardancy requirements
· High dust-holding rate and low pressure drop
· This media roll can be cut to any desired sizes

Paint Booth Air Exhaust Filters:

The key to achieving top-quality paint finishes lies in reliable exhaust filters, and our high-quality fiberglass media is at the forefront of efficient air filtration in paint booths. It's the essential core that guarantees optimal performance for diverse requirements.

Exhaust filter roll features:

· Made from fine glass fibers
· Multi-layered structure for indepth progressive filtration
· Excellent paint arrestor for capturing overspray
· High dust-holding capcity for longer filter life
· Easy to install and replace
· Customizable Sizes(Media roll can be cut to any desired sizes)

Paint Booth Filter Rolls FAQ

1. What Materials Are Paint Booth Filter Rolls Made From?

Paint booth filter rolls are commonly made from materials like fiberglass or polyester. These materials are chosen for their effectiveness in trapping particles and their suitability for various painting applications.


2. Can Paint Booth Filter Rolls Handle Different Types of Paint? 

Yes, our paint booth filter rolls are designed to handle a variety of paint types, including solvent-based and water-based paints.


3. Do these rolls fit all types of paint booths?

Paint booths generally fall into four categories: Downdraft, Side Downdraft, Semi-Downdraft, and Crossdraft paint booths. Read more about paint booth types.

Intake filter media is most commonly used for paint booth filters with air coming in from the ceiling or the front. With its excellent filter efficiency, exhaust filter media, as a paint arrestor, is suitable for most types of paint booth filters.

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