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CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filters
CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filter with plastic frame
CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filter
CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filters
CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filter with plastic frame
CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filter

V-Bank Medium Efficiency Filter

Also known as V-cell filters, V-bank filters are advanced air filtration solutions designed for high-efficiency and high-capacity air purification.

The signiture structure significantly increases the surface area for filtration compared to flat filters. This design typically houses multiple mini-pleat media packs in a compact frame.

The filter media in V-bank filters is pleated, maximizing the filter area within a smaller footprint. This pleating also contributes to lower pressure drop across the filter.

Each media pack is securely encased in a frame using a fire-retardant sealant, ensuring durability and safety. The frame, made from either ABS plastic or polypropylene, provides a robust and sturdy enclosure for the filter media.


  • Grade: M6, F7, F8, F9, H10, H11, H12, H13, H14; H15, H16, UH17, UH18, UH19
  • MERV11, MERV12, MERV13, MERV14, MERV15, MERV16-19
  • Filter media: fiberglass or polypropylene
  • Frame material: ABS plastic, Stainless/galvanized steel, Aluminum alloy
  • Pleated filter media maximizing the filter area
  • Durable and resistant to damage during installation and operation
  • Withstanding temperatures as high as 80℃ and operating smoothly in conditions with a humidity of 80%

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· Healthcare Facilities:
Hospitals, laboratories, and clinics use V-bank filters to ensure a sterile environment, protecting patients and healthcare workers from airborne contaminants.

· Industrial and Manufacturing Plants:
To remove dust and pollutants from the air, protecting machinery and product quality.

· Data Centers:
Protects sensitive electronic equipment from dust and particulate contamination, ensuring reliable operation.

· Commercial Buildings:
Offices, shopping malls, and other commercial venues where maintaining high indoor air quality is essential for occupant health and comfort.

· Also be used in applications of pharmaceuticals, food, cleanroom, etc.

Technical Data

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V-Bank Medium Efficiency Filter.pdf



Filtration Grade Dimensions (mm) W*H* D Filter Area (㎡) Rated Air Flow (m³/h) Wind Velocity Test (m/s) Initial Resistance (Pa) Final Resistance (Pa)
M6 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 70 150
M6 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
M6 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
M6 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
F7 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 75 180
F7 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
F7 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
F7 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
F8 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 100 200
F8 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
F8 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
F8 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
F9 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 125 250
F9 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
F9 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
F9 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
H10 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 150 450
H10 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
H10 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
H10 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
H13 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 250 500
H13 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
H13 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
H13 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
H14 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 270 500
H14 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
H14 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
H14 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200


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