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CleanLink's Air Inlet Filter Media
CleanLink's Air Inlet Filter Media

HVAC Air Filter Media

ltem No.: PE-150/200/250

Designed for the first stage or coarse filtering process in the inlet of general ventilation, air conditioning equipment, or HVAC systems, this air filter material/media is the most famous material that efficiently removes large particles, dust, and dirt before they enter the system or equipment.

Thanks to its high dust-holding capacity and low air resistance, this filter media can be used as a pre-filter or primary filter material, by trapping coarse substances at the air entrance, leading to higher functionality of the secondary filters. It is fully washable air filter material for sustainable use with proper vacuuming and washing.


  • Filter Grade: G3, G4; MERV5, MERV6, MERV7, MERV8
  • Filter material: synthetic fibers
  • Well suited for pre-filter or primary filter for general HVAC or air control systems in heavily polluted settings
  • Consists of fracture-resistant PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) fibers
  • High dust-holding capacity and low-pressure drop
  • Washable air filter material
  • Longer filter service life

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HVAC Air Filter Media Applications

· Air Quality Controlling
· Public Structures
· Air Conditioning Systems
· Electronics Manufacturing
· Pharmaceutical Industry
· Food Process and Manufacturing


Technical Data

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HVAC Air Filter Media.pdf



Material 100% POLYESTER
Model PE-150 PE-200 PE-250
Thickness (mm) 10 15 20
Weight (g/㎡) 150 200 250
Wind Velocity Test (m/s) 2 1.5 1
Initial Resistance (Pa) 20 20 25
Final Resistance (Pa) 200 200 250
Average Weight Efficiency 83% 85% 91%
Temperature Resistance (℃) 120 120 120
Dust Holding Capacity (g/㎡) 450 500 580
Filtration Grade G3 G3 G4


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