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CleanLink Air Filter Store

CleanLink Set up Air Filter Warehouse in Germany

To more effectively meet the growing demand within the European market, we have established an online air filter store in Hilden, Germany.


This strategic move ensures our commitment to providing our customers with swift delivery services across Europe.


Visit our online store and Start shopping now!

Czech Republic




Filters Store Promotions

We are grateful for our customers’ continued support. To show our appreciation, here are the current promotions available at our online filter store.


Enjoy a 10% Discount — Newsletter Subscription

Subscribe to our newsletter and receive an automatic 10% discount on your next order.


Save 20% — Subscription Orders

We recognize that many of our customers have regular needs for filter replacements, whether monthly, seasonally, or annually.


Take, for instance, Leon, who owns an automotive paint booth and requires a new roll of CleanLink fiberglass filter media each month. By subscribing to a year’s supply of 12 rolls, Leon ensures he has a consistent stock, delivered monthly, saving him the hassle of reordering and conserving storage space.


This offer is tailored for customers who plan their annual filter needs in advance, with the flexibility of monthly or seasonal delivery.


Bulk Purchase Deal: 25% Off on 10+ Filter Media Rolls

Order 10 or more rolls of any filter media, including our paint stop fiberglass media and paint booth ceiling media, and receive a 25% discount at checkout.

CleanLink Air Filters Store Benefits

We guarantee that every filter sold in our online filter store is made by CleanLink and definitely passes rigorous quality tests.


CleanLink boasts a comprehensive range of air filters, catering to all your air purification needs.


Our products include air prefilters, filter media, pocket filters, panel filters, HVAC filters, activated carbon filters, and other filter units, such as FFU.


Our products meet rigorous industry standards, ensuring that you receive only the best. We’re proud to introduce our exclusive filter line, featuring advanced filtration technology for superior air quality.

Industries We Serve

For more than 16 years, we’ve stood as a reliable filter supplier for diverse industries, earning our reputation through the satisfaction of thousands of customers.


Automotive Paint Booths


We offer excellent fiberglass paint arrestor media for automotive paint booth air filtration. They are great for paint stop intake air filters with outstanding performance.

Clean-Link's paint booth floor fiberglass air filter media green color

Healthcare Facilities


HEPA filters, a vital component of our filter supply, deliver exceptional air filtration performance, meeting the stringent requirements of healthcare facilities.

Husbandry Industry


The right air filters are the silent guardians that protect your livestock from airborne contaminants, enhance the overall environment of your facility, and even boost productivity. Check out our filter supply for animal farming facilities.

Custom Air Filter Supplier


The “one size fits all” approach does not necessarily apply to air filtration, which is why we take pride in our team of experts who are dedicated to crafting custom filtration solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Whether you require a bespoke air filter design or have specialized requirements for your filtration system, our experienced team is committed to transforming your vision into reality.


Talk to our expert team for more information on custom projects.


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