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CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filters
CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filter with plastic frame
CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filter
CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filters
CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filter with plastic frame
CleanLink's v-bank high efficiency air filter

V-Bank Medium Efficiency Sub-high Efficiency Filter

Also known as V-cell filters, V-bank filters are advanced air filtration solutions designed for high-efficiency and high-capacity air purification.

The signiture structure significantly increases the surface area for filtration compared to flat filters. This design typically houses multiple mini-pleat media packs in a compact frame.

The filter media in V-bank filters is pleated, maximizing the filter area within a smaller footprint. This pleating also contributes to lower pressure drop across the filter.

Each media pack is securely encased in a frame using a fire-retardant sealant, ensuring durability and safety. The frame, made from either ABS plastic or polypropylene, provides a robust and sturdy enclosure for the filter media.


  • Grade: M6, F7, F8, F9, H10, H11, H12, H13, H14; H15, H16, UH17, UH18, UH19
  • MERV11, MERV12, MERV13, MERV14, MERV15, MERV16-19
  • Filter media: fiberglass or polypropylene
  • Frame material: ABS plastic, Stainless/galvanized steel, Aluminum alloy
  • Pleated filter media maximizing the filter area
  • Durable and resistant to damage during installation and operation
  • Withstanding temperatures as high as 80℃ and operating smoothly in conditions with a humidity of 80%

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V-type large air volume efficient filter for the need for high cleanliness of the air conditioning system. V filter can be installed in the central air conditioner to protect the end of the clean room ultra-efficient filter, or installed in the pipeline for special cleaning requirements of the process of the air supply system.

Large air volume ventilation systems, pharmaceuticals, food, hospitals, clean rooms, and other filtration systems. Can be used for the middle of the high-efficiency filtration system or the front end of the ultra-efficient filtration system pre-filter.

Technical Data

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Filtration Grade Dimensions (mm) W*H* D Filter Area (㎡) Rated Air Flow (m³/h) Wind Velocity Test (m/s) Initial Resistance (Pa) Final Resistance (Pa)
M6 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 70 150
M6 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
M6 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
M6 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
F7 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 75 180
F7 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
F7 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
F7 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
F8 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 100 200
F8 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
F8 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
F8 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
F9 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 125 250
F9 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
F9 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
F9 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
H10 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 150 450
H10 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
H10 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
H10 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
H13 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 250 500
H13 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
H13 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
H13 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200
H14 287*287*292/2V 4.58 750 2.5 270 500
H14 592*287*292/4V 9.91 1600
H14 490*490*292/3V 12.20 2160
H14 592*592*292/4V 19.83 3200


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