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The Filtration Efficiency Of Medium-Efficiency Filters

Medium-effect bag filter is a kind of medium-effect filter, which is mainly used in air-conditioning system, mainly made of high-quality harmless material, large dust capacity, used to filter dust particles of 1-5 μ m, and has the advantages of low resistance and large air volume.

What are the reasons that affect the filtration efficiency of medium-efficiency filters?

Characteristics of medium effect bag filter. 

Frame material: aluminum profile, galvanized plate and frame. 

Sealant: polyurethane adhesive. 

Use filter media: glass fiber filter paper, high quality chemical fiber non-woven filter media. 

Separator: hot melt adhesive. 

Use environment: temperature range, humidity range. 

Sealing strip: Chloroprene rubber. 

Efficiency: G3, G4-F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, suitable for different occasions. 

Factors affecting filtration efficiency of medium-effect bag filter. 

1. The filtering accuracy of the medium-effect filter-the filter determines the efficiency of the filter according to the indoor cleaning standards, and reasonably selects the combination series and all levels of efficiency of the filter. If the indoor requirement is general purification, the main filter can be used; if the indoor requirement is medium purification, the primary filter and two-stage filter should be used; if the indoor requirement is super purification, the primary and intermediate three-stage purification filter should be adopted. the efficiency of all levels of filter should be reasonable and properly matched.If the efficiency of the adjacent two-stage filter is too poor, the former should be used. One filter cannot protect two filters. 

2. The filtering accuracy of the medium-effect filter-the filter correctly determines the dust content and dust characteristics of the outdoor air. Because the filter is to filter and purify the outdoor air into the indoor, so the dust content in the outdoor air is a very important data.Especially in multi-stage purification and filtration treatment, the selection of pre-filter should take into account factors such as environment, spare parts cost, operation energy consumption, maintenance and supply, etc. 

3. The filtering accuracy of the medium-effect filter-the filter can correctly determine the characteristics of the filter. The main characteristics of the filter are filtration efficiency, resistance, permeability, dust capacity, filter air speed and air volume. Under permissible conditions, filters with high efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity, moderate filtration speed, large air handling capacity, convenient manufacture and installation and low price should be selected as far as possible. When selecting a filter, it is necessary to make an economic analysis of the one-time and multiple performance and energy efficiency ratio. 

4. Filtering accuracy of medium-effect filter-filter to analyze the characteristics of dust gas. The main characteristics of dusty gases related to filter selection are temperature, humidity, acid, alkali and the amount of organic solvents. Because some filters are allowed to be used at high temperatures, while others can only work at room temperature and humidity, the amount of acids and bases in dusty gases and organic solvents will affect the performance and efficiency of the filters.


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