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Is It Necessary To Test After The Air Filter Is Changed?

Air filter is consumable, each kind of air filter has a certain service life, when the air filter can not achieve the required cleanliness after use, it needs to be replaced, so do you need to test the air filter after replacement?

Judge the replacement method of air filter

First of all, we need to get a brighter flashlight, because the space in the clean room is narrow and the light is dim, which is not conducive to our judgment. First of all, we know that the general primary filter is a white filter. If the color becomes darker or has become dark, you need to change the primary filter! In general, there are more bags in the medium-effect filter, so we need to open the mouth in the downwind to see the color of the bag. If the overall color of the bag is black or miscellaneous, it should also be changed! Secondly, we need to carefully observe whether there is air leakage in the air filter, if it appears to see the location, to see if it can be repaired, if it is not recommended to replace the new one! If we find that the color of the air filter has changed obviously, at this time we need to simply clean the over-air filter, the filter effect will be reduced by 15%, and the life cycle will be shorter! But we must remember that the effect of junior high school must be changed frequently in order to protect the service life of the high efficiency filter! Whether the high efficiency filter needs to be replaced or not needs to be measured with a professional particle counter! Be sure to rely on your own experience to judge that if the color of the high efficiency filter has changed significantly, the space we are in is not very clean.

Is it necessary to test after the air filter is changed?

The purpose of filter leak detection. 

1. The material of the air filter is not damaged. 

2. The filter is installed correctly. 

The filter efficiency of the filter itself is usually tested by the manufacturer, accompanied by a filter efficiency report and a certificate of conformity.For pharmaceutical companies, filter leak detection refers to on-site leak detection after the installation of the filter and its system, mainly to check for small pinholes and other damage in the filter media, such as frame seal, gasket seal and filtration. Slots on the device frame, etc. The purpose of leak detection is to check the filter itself and the defects in the installation by checking the seal of the filter and its connection to the installation frame, and to take appropriate remedial measures to ensure the cleanliness of the area. 

Test method for filter leakage detection. 

There are several different leakage testing methods for air filter leakage testing, which can be applied to different situations. You can refer to the leak detection method and acceptance standard of high efficiency air filter in pharmaceutical factory.


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