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CleanLink's Cardboard frame HEPA air filter
CleanLink's Cardboard frame HEPA air filter

Cardboard Frame HEPA Filters

The cardboard frame filter is characterized by unique construction, featuring a cardboard frame that encapsulates a high-efficiency filter media. The filter media is made of fiberglass or PP, which are both waterproof and self-extinguishing. A polyurethane adhesive is used to seal the gap between the cardboard frame and the filter media, strengthening the structure and avoiding airflow bypass.

Clean-Link adopts premium thermoplastic materials for filter separators, allowing adequate airflow and low air pressure drop. These cardboard frame HEPA filters can be engineered to meet different filtration standards, depending on the types of filter media.


  • Grade: H12, H13, H14, H15, H16, H17; UH17, UH18, UH19, UH20
  • Grade:MERV16, MERV17, MERV18, MERV19, MERV20
  • Material: Fiberglass or PP 
  • Cardboard or Paper frame
  • Captures at least 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns 
  • Pleated Filter Media increases the surface area
  • Lightweight yet durable, and easy to install, withstanding temperatures up to 80°C
  • Standard sizes (mm): 610 x 610 x 50, 915 x 610 x 50, 610 x 610 x 69, 915 x 610 x 69, 610 x 610 x 90, 915 x 610 x 90, 1220 x 610 x 100
  • Customizable media sizes and thicknesses for special needs

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Paper Frame HEPA Filter

Cardboard Frame HEPA Filters Applications

· Pharmaceutical Industry: used to maintain sterile and controlled environments.

· Healthcare Facilities: essential for operating rooms, and isolation units.

· Laboratories: dealing with sensitive experiments or cleanroom conditions.

· Food Processing: preventing foodborne illnesses and maintaining product quality.

· HVAC Systems: integrated into HVAC systems for commercial buildings, offices, and residential spaces.




Dimensions (mm) W*H* D Rated Air Flow (m³/h) Dust Holding Capacity (g/㎡) Wind Velocity Test (m/s) Initial Resistance (Pa) Final Resistance (Pa) Efficiency
610*610*50 470 ≈450 0.35 ≤170 400 99.9995%
915*610*50 700 ≈700 0.35
610*610*69 600 ≈650 0.45
915*610*69 900 ≈950 0.45
610*610*90 800 ≈800 0.60
915*610*90 1200 ≈1200 0.60
1220*610*100 1600 ≈1600 0.60

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Filter Customization 

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