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CleanLink's high temperature high efficiency air filters
CleanLink's high temperature high efficiency air filters

High-Temperature High-Efficiency Filter

ltem No.: H13/H14

High-Temperature High-Efficiency filters are the stalwarts of air filtration systems when it comes to extreme conditions. Designed to perform flawlessly in environments with elevated temperatures, these specialized filters offer exceptional filtration efficiency, capturing a minimum of 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns while enduring temperatures ranging from 250°C to 350°C and even higher.

Constructed with durability in mind, they feature stainless steel frames, heat-resistant gaskets, and specialized filter media that withstands thermal stress.

Whether in aerospace, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, or manufacturing processes, High Temperature HEPA filters ensure air quality remains pristine in the face of extreme heat, making them indispensable in critical industries where precision and sterility are paramount.


  • Grade: M5, M6, F7, F8, F9
  • MERV9, MERV10, MERV11, MERV12, MERV13, MERV14, MERV15
  • Filter material: Ultrafine glassfibers
  • Frame options: Galvanized steel or aluminum
  • Designed to operate at elevated temperatures, from 250-350°C (482-662°F) or even higher
  • Robust construction endures extreme heat without compromising structural integrity
  • Secure seals and gaskets to prevent air bypass and leaks
  • Typically have an efficiency of 99.97% or higher for particles 0.3 microns in diameter

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High-Temp High-Efficiency Filter Applications:

· Automotive Industry
· Aerospace and Aviation
· Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology centers
· Laboratories and Research facilities
· Food and Beverage Production

High-temperature High-Efficiency Filters (HEPA) are integral in various industries and applications where superior filtration and temperature resilience are paramount.

Technical Data

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Filtration Grade Dimensions (mm) W*H* D Filter Area (㎡) Rated Air Flow (m³/h) Wind Velocity Test (m/s) Initial Resistance (Pa)
H13 610*610*120 7.04 750 0.56 190
H13 610*610*292 21.25 2200 1.64
H13 610*1220*292 45.5 4450 1.66
H14 610*610*120 7.04 750 0.56 220
H14 610*610*292 21.25 2200 1.64
H14 610*1220*292 45.5 4450 1.66


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