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How To Change Paint Booth Filter Media

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Paint booths are vital for achieving flawless finishes in your projects. However, maintaining these booths is essential to ensure the paint job quality and safety of your work.

One key aspect of paint booth maintenance is regularly changing the filter media. In order to keep your booth running efficiently and your paint jobs impeccable, a proper filter media replacement is crucial.

Things to check before changing

A. Safety Precautions

Safety always comes first. 

1. Wear appropriate protective gear, such as gloves, a mask, and safety goggles.

2. Ensure you have a stable platform like a ladder or step stool for safe access.

3. Turn off the ventilation system to prevent any accidents.

B. Identifying Filters

Different paint booths may have various filter setups, including intake and exhaust filters. Some booths may have clips to hold the ceiling filters in position while some may not. You will see different filter designs in a side draft paint booth than in a downdraft paint booth.

So identify the type and location of the filters in your booth to have a good sense of it and that can help you in the changing process.

Filter Changing Steps

A. Remove old filters 

1) Intake filters: 

Use ladders if necessary to safely remove the ceiling filter from the frame.

2) Exhaust filters: 

Take out the gratings and inspect the gratings for any damages or bent bands. Change damaged gratings on time or they may compromise the structural integrity of the unit. Use a broom to clean the excessive overspray off. Deep clean once a year.

Remove dirty exhaust filter media and dispose properly.

B. Clean up the surroundings

Whether you have pans or grids under the media for support, you want to look for overspray buildup in them. Sweep out trash and clean up all excessive buildup in this area.

Use a long-hose vacuum machine to thoroughly remove all the dirt. Do not bring the machine inside the booth. You don’t want those contaminants going back to the booth.

Clean the vent pit if necessary.

C. Install filter media

1. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installing new filter media. Be sure to use the correct size and type of filters.

2. Carefully insert the new filters into their designated slots or frames.

3. Securely fasten filters in place, ensuring a snug fit to prevent any gaps where air could bypass the filter media.

A few things that need attention:

1. Make sure the loosely woven side of the media is up. The paint booth fiberglass filter media features graduated density layers that can trap different sizes of overspray at different levels to increase filtration performance. The tightly woven side will be facing down.

2. Cut the media slightly larger than the housing sizes. Leave about 1 inch to each end so that when you drop the gratings, the media will be tucked in, preventing potential air bypassing from the gap.

D. Testing and recording

Now, your paint booth should be ready to go. Perform tests to check for proper function.

Inspect the booth for any signs of air bypass, such as unfiltered air escaping through gaps.

Keep a record of the date you replaced the filter media. This will help you maintain a regular maintenance schedule and ensure that you change the filters at the recommended intervals.


Regularly changing the filter media in your paint booth is a simple yet crucial step to maintain air quality, achieve impeccable paint finishes, and ensure the longevity of your equipment. By following these steps and prioritizing safety, you’ll keep your paint booth running at its best.

Don’t forget that proper maintenance extends the life of your paint booth and enhances your work’s quality. Follow these steps for filter replacement, and explore more articles on paint booth maintenance and air filtration to optimize your painting processes.


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