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Fan Filter Unit

Fan filter units (FFUs) are standalone devices equipped with an integrated HEPA-filter, fan, and control system, offering a flexible and economical way to purify recirculated air in cleanrooms.

These units are particularly useful in life-science, food and beverage, and microelectronic industries, as they supply purified air by removing harmful airborne particles. FFUs differ from pressurized cleanroom ceiling plenums in that they generate positive room pressure, which lowers the risk of contamination from ceiling bypasses.

Features of Fan Filter Unit:

· Combines a fan, HEPA or ULPA filter, and a control system in one compact assembly
· Capable of removing 99.97% to 99.9995% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns or even smaller
· Allows for adjustable airflow, maintaining a stable indoor air stream
· The control system can be used to regulate and monitor the unit's performance
· Easy Installation, low operation noise and minimal maintenance
· Customizable filter sizes and specifications for special needs

Fan Filter Unit Applications:

· Cleanrooms: semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical device production where particulate-free air is crucial
· Food and Beverage Industry: maintain high levels of air purity in production area and prevent contamination of food products.
· Laboratories: for research and clinical laboratories, ensuring a contamination-free environment for sensitive experiments and procedures
· Microelectronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing: for manufacturing of electronic components where even the smallest particle can cause product defects
· Hospital and Healthcare Facilities: for operating rooms, isolation rooms, and compounding pharmacies to maintain sterile conditions


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